Corporate Profile

Metz container Lines is an independent container liner operator who specializes in offering liner services in the Mediterranean area, North African and the Black Sea. MCL offers a variety of services to meet the Trade requirements of merchants, brokers and forwarders alike, responding to their changing needs with innovative solutions.

MCL has expanded its activities to become a leading force in its field by
committing itself to maintaining good service levels, quality and efficiency using all means to meet the expectations and requirements of its clients and to enable them to benefit from our expertise. We are acknowledged as regional experts of long standing with a proven track record in the field and MCL feels proud of the recognition it enjoys within the shipping and container industry.

A strong team of highly qualified personnel can respond to the ever-changing
needs of the Shipping and Container Industry in the Mediterranean, Black Sea,
and other neighboring areas and, by the continuous investment in technological innovations as well as infrastructure developments, MCL will ensure that it continues to lead the way and maintain its position.

- We give customer satisfaction and maintain trust with our clients

- We ensure the growth and profitability of our company and clients

- We provide cost-effective solutions to fit our clients’ needs 

- We take care to do things right!